Amppal Best Quality Home Use 7 Kw Single Gun EV Fast Charger Portable Electric Car Charging Stations Cost Suppliers

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Model NO. KY-AC Terminal Temperature Rise <50K
Withstand Voltage 1500v Coupled Insertion Force 45n<F<100n
Impat of External Force Can Afford 1m Drop Type Fast EV Charging Station

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FOB Port Shanghai port Packaging Carton
HS Code - Weight per Unit(kg) -
Size per Unit(mm) 300.00 mm * 300.00 mm * 300.00 mm

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Store Name Zhejiang Anfu New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.
Industry Oil & Gas Energy
Company Profile

Founded in 2002, the company is located in the National Scenic Area - Yandang Mountain near the Xinguang District of Liuzhou City. It is a comprehensive industrial and trade enterprise integrating development, production, sales and service. The company specializes in the production of low-voltage electrical products, such as AC contactors, DP contactors, circuit breakers, leakage circuit breakers, distribution boxes, lighting equipment, distribution switches, etc. Since its inception, we have become stronger and stronger. At present, our own workshop area is 15, 280 square meters, and our 312 employees (including 10% of senior technicians) are working hard for our goal. With advanced technology, we have obtained a series of certifications, such as IS09001: 2008, SAMKO, CE, CB, CCC and PICC. In particular, we obtained UL certification for air conditioner AC contactors in 2005. Today, we have achieved great success in trade. We have purchased products that meet customer needs

Main Products Car charging post, new energy charging post
Company Type Manufacturer
Registered Capital 100,000,000.00 CNY
Founding Time 0000-00-00
Company Address Zhejiang Wenzhou City Yueqing 1/F, Building 1, No. 237, Weisan Road, Economic Development Zone, Yueqing City, Zhejiang Province, China
Total Number of Employees 0
Main Market southeast_asia 25.00% , eastern_and_western_europe 30.00% , north_america 20.00%
Main Achievement

Factory Information

Main Production Equipments Car charging post, new energy charging post
Number of Production Lines 10
Factory Area 0.00 m²
Factory Address Zhejiang Wenzhou City Yueqing First Floor, No.1 Building, No.237 Weisan Road, Yueqing Economic Development Zone, Zhejiang Province, China
Factory Details


Enterprise Certificates business licence

Trade Capacity

Language Spoken English,Russian
Number of International Trade Employees 5
Main Trade Terms EXW,FCA,FOB
Main Currency Unit
Payment Method T/T,L/C
Nearby Ports Shanghaiport

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