Automatic Pressure Boosting Set Horizontal Multistage Stainless Steel Water Pump

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Main Specification

Model NO. AZCM Power Electric
Start Up Electric Pump Type Centrifugal Pump
Application Clarified Water Pump Industry Water Pump
Media Water Pump Performance Automatic Pump
Theory Centrifugal Pump

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FOB Port Ningbo port Packaging Carton/Wooden Box
HS Code - Weight per Unit(kg) -
Size per Unit(mm) 380.00 mm * 270.00 mm * 350.00 mm

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Store Name Zhejiang Chen Jie Pump Industry Co., Ltd.
Industry Machinery & Electronics
Company Profile

WASSERMANN is a company dedicated to the research, development, manufacture and industrialization of pumping systems. We offer our customers a wide range of pumps for a wide range of uses: domestic applications, industrial sectors, groundwater, wastewater and sewage treatment, civil plants, construction services, agricultural and irrigation applications, swimming pools and SPA baths. We operate in an increasing number of countries around the world through agents and distributors. At WASSERMANN, our commitment to creating customer value and satisfaction is our principle. Our first responsibility is to the customers who use our products and services, and everything we do is of high quality when it comes to meeting their needs. We carefully select and test materials, choose materials with powerful functions, and are committed to the perfection of each process, and only do high-quality products. We are always looking for innovation, interpreting and defining it as new dimensions and ne

Main Products Water Pumps , Booster Pumps , Circulating Pumps , Jet Pumps , Centrifugal Pumps
Company Type Manufacturer
Registered Capital 10,000,000.00 CNY
Founding Time 0000-00-00
Company Address Zhejiang Taizhou City Wenling City Room 1402-01, Building 2, Chuangye Building, 1333 Wanchang Middle Road, Chengdong Street, Wenling City, Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province
Total Number of Employees 0
Main Market southeast_asia 25.00% , south_asia 15.00% , eastern_and_western_europe 20.00%
Main Achievement

Every product goes through a comprehensive production test to verify the quality standards of each product. At the same time, we constantly strive to reduce costs in order to maintain reasonable prices. At WASSERMANN, customers' orders are always served promptly and accurately, and we can always promise product continuity, service and technical support, and fast delivery, and provide customers with the most satisfactory application request. Water is our element, and through water we bring capability and reliability to the surface. We realize that all the work we do with our pump systems is really about improving the quality of life, and without losing sight of that, we can fully meet the needs of those who turn to us.

Factory Information

Main Production Equipments Water Pumps , Booster Pumps , Circulating Pumps , Jet Pumps , Centrifugal Pumps
Number of Production Lines 4
Factory Area 0.00 m²
Factory Address Zhejiang Taizhou City Wenling City Bingang Industrial Area, Shamen, Yuhuan, Zhejiang, China
Factory Details


Enterprise Certificates Business license

Trade Capacity

Language Spoken English,Spanish,Russian
Number of International Trade Employees 6
Main Trade Terms EXW,FCA,FOB
Main Currency Unit CNY,USD,EUR
Payment Method D/A,L/C,T/T
Nearby Ports Ningboport

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