Global Supply Chain Service

Providing you formulation of products exportation, International

Logistics Service, Financial Value Added service,

Integrated Imp & Exp Declaration service.

Intelligent Logistics

EHEWON Platform forges global logistics value chain with one-stop custom clearance, international transportation and localization of logistics and establishes Global Logistics Service Provider alliance and it has become strategic partner with more than ten logistics group and has developed nearly 100 local affiliated logistics service providers in more than 50 countries and form one hi-efficient quick B2B logistics delivery network; and have formed more competitive price and service advantages in service for one stop delivery service for large scale equipment via integrating premium shipping lines home and abroad for Bulk-cargos and Break-bulk cargos.

Realizing one click online, instant delivery offline and delivery network covers everything

Why choose a logistics provider in EHEWON?

EHEWON partners are trustworthy

The logistics partners selected by Ehewon are all well-known companies in the industry and can provide professional, comprehensive and reliable logistics services.

Improve logistics efficiency

Many reliable cooperative logistics providers provide different shipping dates and various types of logistics services, fully meet the diversified needs of users, and find ships with half the effort.

Scale effect reduces logistics cost

The massive users of Ehewon deliver goods intensively, and share one-stop customs clearance services such as clearing and customs declaration through ship and warehouse sharing, so as to release the human resources and release the energy of the enterprise.

Intelligent management

Through the unified and collaborative information system, the visibility of logistics can be realized, and merchants can control the status of goods in real time to ensure the safety and controllability of goods.

Meet diversified needs

Logistics providers at different levels meet the different logistics needs of merchants, and highly customized services tailor-made solutions for merchants to avoid capital waste and customer dissatisfaction.

Cooperative Logistics Company

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