Sodium methylate,Solution,in methyl alcohol CAS No.: 124-41-4

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12 months

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Shandong , Zibo City , Zhangdian District

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CAS No 124-41-4 Content 28.5-31.0%
Relative density (water =1) 0.989 initial boiling point and boiling range (℃) 61.9
Relative vapor density (air =1 1.5 Saturated vapor pressure (37.8℃) 10Kpa
Flash point (° C) 40 ignitability inflammable
Packaging category Class II

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    License for handling hazardous chemicals
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FOB Port Qingdao port Packaging Packed in glass bottles and wooden cases
HS Code - Weight per Unit(kg) -
Size per Unit(mm) 40.00 cm * 40.00 cm * 47.00 cm

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Store Name Shandong Puhao Chemical Co., Ltd.
Industry Chemical
Company Profile

Since its inception, Puhao Chemical has always taken innovation, vitality and excellence as its core values. Made up of a group of visionary business leaders and elites with extensive experience and exceptional abilities, they are committed to building a leading trading platform to promote Prosperity and development of global trade. Our business covers import and export trade, logistics distribution, hazardous chemicals and general supply chain management. We have established close cooperative relations with domestic state-owned, private and small and medium-sized enterprises, through optimizing the supply chain, reducing costs, providing efficient and reliable trade services to achieve our goal is to become a bridge connecting the market and promote the smooth progress of domestic and international trade. Our main products and services include hazardous chemicals trading, general goods trading, and import and export. Our professional team provides customers with a full range of servic

Main Products Chemicals, sodium methylate, sodium ethanol
Company Type Traders
Registered Capital 10,000,000.00 CNY
Founding Time 0000-00-00
Company Address Shandong Zibo City Zhangdian District Room 515, Dazhang Office building, Lutai Avenue, Fangzhen, Zhangdian District, Zibo City, Shandong Province
Total Number of Employees 0
Main Market southeast_asia 20.00% , east_asia 25.00%
Main Achievement

Supply chain integration Focus on chemical industry Product richness opens up more than 2700 kinds of chemical products supply and construction Qingdao area, Shanghai area set up branch Overall layout of overseas markets, mainly in Indonesia, Russia, the United States and other regions to carry out key layout, to achieve the full chain business, international promotion

Factory Information

Main Production Equipments sodium methylate, sodium ethanol
Number of Production Lines 3
Factory Area 0.00 m²
Factory Address Shandong Zibo City Zhangdian District Room 515, Dazhang Office building, Lutai Avenue, Fangzhen, Zhangdian District, Zibo City, Shandong Province
Factory Details


Enterprise Certificates Business license

Trade Capacity

Language Spoken English,Spanish,Russian
Number of International Trade Employees 4
Main Trade Terms EXW,FCA,FOB
Main Currency Unit CNY,USD
Payment Method D/A,L/C,T/T
Nearby Ports Qingdaoport

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