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Basic Information

Store Name AUYAN
Industry Oil & Gas Energy
Company Profile

Established in June 2011, located in Weifang City, Shandong Province, Shandong AUYAN New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is an innovative enterprise specialized in manufacturing cryogenic equipment and providing technical service. AUYAN is one of the leaders in the Chinese new energy industry. Mainly products are industrial welded insulated cylinders, hydrogen cylinders, storage tanks, vehicle intelligent LNG cylinders, CNG cylinders, LNG/CNG/CHG supplying systems, filling stations, LNG/CNG/CHG gas stations, hydrogen productions equipment, etc. Abides by the core values of "Respect, Unity, Integrity, Innovation" and takes "building the company to be a happiness platform with all staff, to create, share and realize the ideal of life, And contributing to social development and human progress'' for the mission, AUYAN continues breaking through and innovating, insists on sustainable development, determines to become the leader in global new energy revolutionary.

Main Products industrial welded insulated cylinders, hydrogen cylinders, storage tanks, vehicle LNG/CNG cylinders, LNG/CNG/CHG supplying systems, filling stations, hydrogen productions equipment
Company Type Manufacturer
Registered Capital 666,550,000.00 CNY
Founding Time 2011-06-18
Company Address Shandong Qingdao City Huangdao District Shandonggaosu T3
Total Number of Employees 1750
Main Market eastern_and_western_europe 30.00% , southeast_asia 30.00% , north_america 10.00% , latin_america 10.00%
Main Achievement

Auyan has more than 1750 Employees Domestic authoritative consultants Independent R&D Center North American Innovation Lab Stuttgart Innovation Center

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Factory Information

Main Production Equipments 1750
Number of Production Lines 20
Factory Area 3200.00 m²
Factory Address Shandong Weifang City Zhucheng North Outer ring west head road north
Factory Details AUYAN technology center has R&D room, physical and chemical labs, mechanical property lab,and vibration lab. There are complete instruments and equipments and infrastructure condition. The test center covers an area of 3200 square meters and is equipped with vibration test table,direct-reading spectrometer, fatigue tester,tensile tester, impact tester, gas analyzer, high performance liquid chromatography,low temperature test table etc.


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Trade Capacity

Language Spoken English,Russian,Spanish
Number of International Trade Employees 15
Main Trade Terms EXW,FOB,CFR(CNF)
Main Currency Unit CNY,USD,EUR
Payment Method L/C,T/T,Western Union
Nearby Ports Qingdao