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Store Name Henan Chicheng Electric Co., Ltd.
Industry Machinery & Electronics
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Henan Chicheng Electric Co., Ltd, founded in 2004, is located in Zhengzhou National High-tech Industrial Development Zone with a registered capital of 54.18 million RMB and stock code of 834407. It is a manufacturer and supplier of gas safety products and system solutions for the global market. Its main products are: gas detection and alarm instruments, alarm control systems and supporting, intelligent sensors, safety and environmental protection analysis instruments and systems, safety monitoring software systems, intelligent cloud platform, etc. They are widely used in electric power, electronics, metallurgy, chemical industry, petroleum, coal, mining, railroad, medicine and scientific research institutions.

Main Products Gas Detector Smoke Detector Home Gas Alarm Solenoid Valve Gas Detection Control Panel Gas Detector Smoke Detector Home Gas Alarm Solenoid Valve Gas Detection Control Panel
Company Type Manufacturer
Registered Capital 500,000.00 CNY
Founding Time 0000-00-00
Company Address Henan Zhengzhou City Zhongyuan District 17 / F, Block B, Building 5, Research and Development, University Science Park, Changchun Road
Total Number of Employees 0
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ISO9001-2000 certified high-tech import and export company and also the government permitted gas detecting device manufacture with Measurement of production License(MC), The explosion-proof certificate(EX) and Fire type certificate(CNAS)approved.

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