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Basic Information

Store Name Zibo Geer Gear Company Ltd
Industry Others
Company Profile

We are a leader in the development, manufactures and sale of production systems for all types of gears in Shandong, China,Since 2001, Geer is focused on providing excellent service,Located in HuanTai Zibo.Production capacity of 500 million, Its factory covers an are of 148800 ㎡

Main Products Zibo Geer Gear Co,Ltd Mainly produce engine gears for automobile,gears for construction machinery Transmission and spiral bevel gears.
Company Type Manufacturer
Registered Capital 0.00 CNY
Founding Time 0000-00-00
Company Address Shandong Zibo City Huantai County Zhang bei Road,Number 96
Total Number of Employees 0
Main Market east_asia 0.00%
Main Achievement

The company puts emphasis on quality control while devoting to the enhancement of product processing capability. The company has passed the IATF16949 international quality system certification.

Factory Information

Main Production Equipments Twin NC Worm wheel gear grinding machine: 11 (qinchuan:10,kapp:1)
Number of Production Lines 15
Factory Area 148800.00 m²
Factory Address Shandong Zibo City Huantai County Number 96, Zhangbei road
Factory Details The production base is equipped with engine gear factory, engineering machinery transmission gear factory, spiral bevel gear factory and heat treatment factory.


Product Certificates IATF16949 $certificate.attach_name check

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Language Spoken English,Western Union,Russian
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Main Trade Terms EXW,DAP,DDP
Main Currency Unit CNY,USD,EUR
Payment Method D/A,D/P,L/C
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