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Basic Information

Store Name Ruihong Lizhu (Zhoushan) Technology Co., Ltd
Industry Machinery & Electronics
Company Profile

The company's main business is the supply of instruments and meters as well as production substances for the petroleum and petrochemical industries.

Main Products SDT ultrasonic detector agent, operating well-known brand instruments and chemical industry explosion-proof lamps and lanterns and explosion-proof eye protection appliances.
Company Type Agent
Registered Capital 1,000,000.00 CNY
Founding Time 2021-07-07
Company Address Zhejiang Zhoushan City Dinghai District Room 305-26151, Enterprise Service Centre, Zhoushan Port Comprehensive Free Trade Zone
Total Number of Employees 12
Main Market southeast_asia 2.00%
Main Achievement

SDT products are mainly supplied to the petrochemical industry for gas leakage and internal valve leakage detection.

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Factory Information

Main Production Equipments Electrodynamic Shakers, SDT Test Equipment
Number of Production Lines 2
Factory Area 1000.00 m²
Factory Address Jiangsu Suzhou City city of Kunshan 579 Qianjin East Road
Factory Details Condition Monitoring provides predictive and proactive maintenance solutions by integrating a wide range of monitoring and diagnostic technologies, including machine vibration analysis, electrical characterisation, model-based intelligent monitoring and diagnostics, oil detection and iron spectroscopy, infrared thermography, ultrasound detection, valve failure detection, dynamic balancing and laser alignment. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)


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Language Spoken English,Russian
Number of International Trade Employees 12
Main Trade Terms FOB
Main Currency Unit CNY,USD,EUR
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